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Adding the Integrated Label Invoices to Invoice2go

Invoice2go is a product that allows you to quickly and easily create and manage invoices (either ad hoc or regular invoices). You can download a 30 free trial at the following link:


You can improve your order and invoice processing by using an invoice with a removable integrated address label to attach to the customer's envelope or parcel.

The installation provides 2 new invoices. These are designed to work with the Integrated Label invoice paper from http://www.integratedlabels.co.uk.

The new invoices are based on the standard Professional invoice supplied with Invoice2go. Examples of the new invoices are shown below:

Invoice with 1 integrated label with shipping address on integrated label

Invoice with 2 integrated labels with shipping and invoice addresses on integrated labels

Installing the new Invoices into Invoice2go
After installing the software the templates must be imported into Invoice2go. To do this use the following steps:

1 Start Invoice2go
2 Under the File menu select Import Style... .


Navigate to the installation directory (for example, C:\IntegratedLabels\Invoice2go). You should then select the file IntegratedLabelsSingle.i2g, if you are using paper with a single integrated label or IntegratedlabelsDouble.i2g, if you are using double integrated labels invoice paper. Click on the Open button.


You should then click on the Import button on the following dialog shown below.

You invoice has now been imported into Invoice2go.


You now need to use the new template whenever you print an invoice (this only needs to be done once).

Select the Invoices folder and click on the New button. This is shown below.


To the left of the new invoice, in the Document Control area, expand (click on the + button) Styles. You then need to select your new invoice layout, use the right mouse button and select Set as Default Style. This and subsequent invoices will now use the new layout.

Additional Information
1 The invoice includes the default company logo supplied by Invoice2go. You can change this for one of your choice within Invoice2go.

2 If you already use Invoice2go and need to include the integrated labels in your invoices you should look at how the information is setup in the provided invoices for the exact position, size and customer fields.