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Using Integrated label invoice paper with Microsoft Word

With integrated label invoice paper you can print a standard invoice with removable customer address labels to attach to the customer's order. If you use the 2 label integrated labels invoice paper the invoice address and delivery (or return) address are printed onto separate integrated labels. 

The Microsoft Word templates work with Microsoft Word 95, 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

You can buy Integrated Label Paper from http://www.integratedlabels.com.au

An example of a modified template is shown below:


How to use the templates

By default the templates are installed into C:\IntegratedLabels. You should either double click on the files in this folder (e.g. IntegratedLabels1LabelTop.doc) or run Microsoft Word and go to this directory and select the file.

1. Select the template that matches the paper that you have. You can choose to have the integrated label printed at the top or bottom of the paper. The 4 templates provided are shown below:

Single integrated label at top right of paper

Double integrated labels at top of paper

Single integrated label at bottom left of paper
Double integrated labels at bottom of paper

2. Enter any information onto the page that will be printed on every invoice. Each template has text boxes defined for the various areas to put information into. This information includes your company address, telephone number, website etc..You may also want to put in an initial phrase to the customer, for example, "Thank you for purchasing from us. Your order details are shown below:".

3. There are 2 approaches when entering customer order details using the word template.

(i). Cut and paste method
When you have want to send out an invoice to a customer simply paste their address details into the text box located over the relevant integrated label to print out. Paste their order details into the main text box (below any message that you may have entered).

(ii). Mail merge approach
If you have captured your order information or can directly link to a suitable mail merge source, for example, in a Microsoft Access database or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you can automate the production of your invoices. Place the mail merge fields into the address label area and the order details into the main invoice text area.

Additional information

You can also print additional information onto the integrated address label:

1. Print the order number on both the integrated label and main invoice. This will make it easier to match up the parcel with the invoice when packing. Use a suitable, small, font and place at the very top of the integrated label.

2. Place advertising messages onto the integrated label. This should be in an area of the label not near the address.

3. Add your company logo.

4. If you have a PPI (Printed Postage Impression). Add this to the default integrated label and save time by using a single integrated label for the customer address and postage information. An example is shown below: