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Using Integrated Label paper with an HTML page

If you have any existing or new web based application you can use the supplied template to get the layout of your page to print the label in the correct location. An example use of the suplied HTML page is shown below:

The supplied HTML page, which is installed into C:\IntegratedLabels, uses a series of fixed sized tables to position the labels in the correct position on the paper.

To the use this page the following information maybe useful:

1 Work out the maximum size of the changeable text that will be entered in to the page. For example, if this is being used for an invoice make sure that size allocated for the text is at least large enough to contain the text.
2 The supplied page is set-up for a mail order enquiry system. This has various defined fields that can be substituted at run time by the controlling application (e.g. [%firstname%], [%company%] or [%Address1%]).

NOTE: It is up to the application (e.g. ASP code) to perform the substitutions, which is not supplied.
3 Some printer and internet browser combinations may print the label in a slightly different location. To get around this problem you can either set the top and left margins from within the browser (e.g. the Page Setup options in Microsoft Internet Explorer) or add additional lines at the relevant position within the HTML file (e.g. adding <BR>).
4 If the space used by your printed page (e.g. invoice) can have a variable number of lines, turn the paper the other way up and print the label first.