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Printing an Invoice with removable customer address label from PrestaShop

With the www.integratedlabels.co.uk invoice software for PrestaShop you can include the following information onto a document with peel off label(s) to stick to your parcels or letters:

You can put the following information on to the peel off labels.

1 Customer invoice and delivery addresses
2 Returns address (or any other text you want).

Because the label is on the same document that you pick and pack from it improves the efficiency of your packing process and saves you time. There is also less chance of the wrong goods being sent to the customer. There are no new PrestaShop procedures to learn as you print your invoice in the same way that you currently do, shown below. Click on the Orders tab and then Invoices link.

Select the date ranges for the invoices and click on the Generate PDF file button and print the PDF as normal.

The supplied invoice works with both single and double label paper. If you are using double perforated paper you can tear off the top addresses section.

An example of an Invoice is shown below.

If you have mostly retail customers the single label paper is ideal. This is because the invoice and delivery address are the same. The delivery address is printed in the top right hand corner of the invoice. If you are using single label paper the return address details are not shown on the invoice.

If you have customers where the invoice and delivery address are different (for mostly business sales) the double label paper can be used. The delivery address is shown on the right and invoice address on the left.

You can also design the text shown on the bottom of the label during the installation, shown below: